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Complete Repair Solutions strives to be YOUR ONE STOP SOLUTION for resolving Transit Damage Claims. There is no longer a need for you to have multiple vendors working on a claim. Just make ONE phone call or ONE email to US! Let us do the legwork. You shouldn’t have to call an inspector, a furniture repairman, an appliance tech, a fitness equipment tech, a brick mason, a hardwood floor repairman, a sheet-rock repairman, a landscape crew, etc. We at Complete Repair Solutions can handle it all! You send the claim to us, we will keep you updated and see that all needs are met with your claim. You will receive the completed report, signed release for repairs and after repair photos. Save time, money, and stress and let us be YOUR ONE STOP SOLUTION!


Phone: (469) 537-8009
Fax: (469) 537-7350

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